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If there are any mistakes, please let me know. (:

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About Us

Hi everyone! This blog was started by Radioactive Pixie and t0xicmuffins in 2011, about a year after we were introduced to Vocaloid. We found that it was difficult to find romaji lyrics to many songs that are not well-known, so our goal is to provide accurate romaji lyrics to as many of these songs as we can.

We do check our lyrics by going back and following along as we listen to the song, rather than just running it through a translator and posting it. However, we are only human, so please let us know if you see a mistake. We will correct it as soon as possible!

Radioactive Pixie
I'm a college student majoring in nutrition and minoring in Japanese. I like to draw and watch anime in my free time ♥ Rin and Len will forever be my favorites, but I do like a number of other Vocaloids as well ;w;

The blog header and background artwork were both drawn by me.

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an e-mail at I am also usually lurking on tumblr and deviantART :'D

Dulce Carmella
Dulce Carmella left in January 2014, but as of July 2017, she is back helping with the blog when she can (: